14 Jun 2021


Favourable Sunglasses For Every Face Type

Are you the one who loves sunglasses? Don’t feel like going into contact with the outer environment without having a classy pair of sunglasses on your eyes? But always get stuck between which type of sunnies go best with your face type and face size? Let us clarify that glasses are designed according to the face type and size; you just need to know what’s your perfect type. So, here are some key points according to face types that everyone should follow before buying their next pair of


Continue reading to find your perfect sunnies… Sunglasses For Square Shaped Faces: Square-shaped faces have strong facets such as broad cheekbones and a sharp jawline. It’s a kinda face type that everyone loves and also gives a bold look. Round and oval frames are something that such people must have in their collection, these frames give a balanced and softer look to the face and also brings all the attention to the jawline, which is like the cherry on the cake. These people can also go with Aviator sunglasses for a classy yet sporty look.

Sunglasses For Oval Shaped Faces:

An ideal face type that every individual dream of as everything just looks flawless on the oval- shaped faces, a perfect blend of excellent balance, and an amazing structure. If you got such a perfect face, try all the distinct styles and be the trendsetter. Go for bright colours, dramatic patterns, and obviously, how can you miss oversized frames?

Sunglasses For Round Shaped Faces:

A wider face with filled cheeks and an oval jawline needs to stick to either square or rectangular-shaped sunglasses for a 10/10 look. Such glasses would soften the face edges and would give a treat of sharper looking face. You can also opt for cat-eye glasses, an evergreen option.

Sunglasses For Diamond Shaped Faces:

Shine like a diamond and stand out with rimless frames. A diamond face is the master of all the jacks when it comes to face types. As the name suggests, wider bottom is cheeks and a narrower upper, which means sleek forehead. Make sure you either go with round rimless frames or oval rimless frames and be the talk of the town.

Sunglasses For Heart Shaped Faces:

Go with regular-sized and different patterned sunglasses to reach your style goals. Heart- shaped faces have a broad forehead and tapering bottom. So, you can go with cat-eye frames, aviator frames, and even try half-rimmed frames for an outstanding look. We, at Galorebay, provide premium quality sunglasses and the best designs for a greater customer experience.

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