14 Apr 2021


The older we get, the more we need eyeglasses. Glasses should be carried like some fashion-related accessories, as you need to wear these almost all the time of the day.

In doubt, do eyeglasses make you look different and younger or not? It is not dependent on eyeglasses but on eye frames. Eye frames play a crucial role in the same; trendy and fashionable eyeglasses uplift your personality. So for this, you need a pair of eyeglasses that goes well with your face shape and face type. 

There are various stylish specs and frames available in the market, but all may not suit you or your personality. Here’s the list of things that both men and women need to focus on before getting their optical frames to look stylish and younger than their actual age.

Getting eyewear that uplifts your personality

It would help if you focused on frames that uplift your face and make it hard for others to guess or know your age. Frames such as cat-eye go well with round-shaped faces as it uplifts the face and gives a proper symmetry, even if the face is completely round. 

You should avoid aviator frames; if you have a broad bottom, it will look more broad and huge. Hence, instead of looking young, you would look more mature.

You should get the frame size that goes perfectly with your face; getting a size smaller or a size bigger would not give a finishing touch to your face. Hence, it would not look good.

Kind of frame you need

Before getting frames, make sure it is comfortable and looks good on your face. It would help if you focused on the following things:

1.Material of the frame

2.Color of the frame

3.Fit and size of the frame

4.Trends that are going on

Note: Don’t follow trends blindly; make sure the optical trend going well with your personality and face type. Wearing an oversized or a size smaller frame just because of trends would make you look older.

Colour of the specs you get

As you grow older, your features and colour start to get softer; bright and dark colours don’t align with your personality. In other words, it just looks too loud for you and ends up taking away that elegant and classy look. It would help if you went with frames:

  1. Compliments your skin
  2. Shiner and lighter frames give a classy look.
  3. Go for black and a bit oversized frames if you get wrinkles or dark circles. It would help in hiding those.
  4. Never go for heavy and colours that are too bright. It would result in degrading your look.

We at Galorebay Optix got a wide range of frames and specs that go well with your personality and give an astonishing look, no matter what your age is. So, when are you getting yours?

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