10 Jun 2021


Why Prescription Sunglasses?

 More than 6 in 10 people either require or wear corrective glasses for a better sight. Makes more sense when you are born or develop a poor vision. It can be due to increasing age, habits, increased screen time; anything can be the reason. 20/20 vision seems bizarre these days. Several individuals love wearing sunglasses, but the fear of carrying both prescription glasses and sunglasses stops them from buying. So, don’t worry! All we need is prescription sunglasses.

Many of us believe that sunglasses are a perfect accessory? But Sunglasses are more than that; these are not just fashion accessories that stylize our look but also acts as a shield that protects our eyes from harmful UV rays and sunlight. So, all we need is to nurture eyes with swag sunnies that never goes out of style. But is it an

over-priced option?

So, let’s have a look at the pros of sunnies and judge if these worth our merited and well-deserved money or not. The Pros Of Prescription Sunglasses

Let’s have a look at the satisfactory benefits of prescription sunglasses:

> Comfy than contacts– There’s a big “NO” to wearing contact lenses and sunglasses together. They’ll cause discomfort and displease both our eye and vision.

> Keeps away from infections– Contacts are prone to dirt and dust particles, while sunglasses act as a shield and prevent eyes from unwanted particles and matter.

> Thrifty than lenses– Wearing contacts and glasses together can be high- cost option. So, it’s better to enjoy 2 in 1 vision of prescription sunglasses.

> Adjusts according to the brightness– Prescription sunglasses will adjust according to the environment and light; they darken outdoors and lightens indoors. This is an added advantage that prevents eyes from strainful sight.

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