23 Mar 2021


It is not easy to find a perfect frame for every day, especially for gorgeous women. Women always want to look trendy and beautiful but might find difficulty choosing their perfect frame for all the occasions.

There are different frames for women of different age groups and face pattern also varies. You need to know more about your face shape and get a perfect fit for your eyes. There are various face shapes such as round, rectangle, square, triangular, oval, diamond, etc.

While going to the market to get your perfect eye frames, you need to be aware of the purpose of getting the frame, the color that goes well with your skin tone or you like, size of the frame should be proportionate to the size of your face, material of the frame, and most important frame shape should go well with your face type. 

What's the perfect fit for women over 50?

Women over 50 years give higher priority to comfort rather than looks. So, it's our advice that women of this age group should go for cat-eye frames, round frames, and geeky frames that is a rectangular frame. These frames are not only comfortable but give a cute and elegant look to your face. These are the best eyeglasses for women; they should always go for wine glasses for a clear and better vision; along with it, these are the most popular eyeglasses for women.

All these eyeglasses give hassle-free vision and a feminine look to women. Moreover, these eyeglasses are pocket-friendly as well. These are the best eyeglasses for women over 50.

What's the perfect fit for younger women?

Now let's talk about younger women. Generally, these women prefer high-quality and gorgeous-looking eyeglasses. They prefer elegance and richness over everything. They go for fashionable eyeglasses that elevate their look and personality. For such women, cat-eye is the most preferred option as these eyeglasses are statement symbols, and prominent personalities also prefer these masterpieces. It gives a feminine and classy look that everyone adores. Along, with this round and geometric eyeglasses are also advised, as its unique pattern and sober colors make a perfect combo; it sets you apart from the crowd.

Cat-eye glasses

Cat-eye glasses generally go well with diamond and round faces; it gives longer and sharper look to your face. It enhances the beauty of the face and even gives a smoother effect.

Horn-rimmed glasses

These days horn-rimmed glasses are getting the wider attention of all the women around the globe. It is witnessed that many women are opting for these types of glasses. Horn-rimmed eyeglasses suit all the face types, no matter what. It gives a finishing touch to your face and sets you apart from the crowd. These are the best glasses for women these days. 

Browline glasses

Apart from horn-rimmed glasses, browline glasses are also loved by today's women. It's the latest trend that major working women are opting for. These are emerging as the best sellers. These are the glasses made up of acetate material rather than metal; it gives a premium look and is also a better option. And are comfortable as well as resistant-free, which means they do not break easily. 

Most of the women prefer them in black, as that goes well with all the attires and clothes of all the colors and even gives a decent yet classy look.

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