27 Feb 2021


Looking for the best eyeglasses frames?

You are in the best place to buy the best eyeglasses. Galorebay extravagates your personality with the perfect frames and gives a treat of comfort because eye care matters to us. 

Galorebay offers a huge variety of frames for all your needs. Here’s the type of frames you can get according to your personality, need, and profession as well.

Have a look:

Round Frames:

Round/Circular frames were a popular choice for pop idols in the 1960s and 70s. These are also known as “tea shades”. Round glasses are making a major comeback in the fashion world. These frames give a comfortable and trendy vibe and even go well with all the attires and occasions.

Rectangle Frames:

Rectangle glasses are the standard glasses that almost everyone has or had. From a corporate employee to a geeky, everyone loves it. It reflects your true personality. It is the most popular frame amongst people of all age groups and genders.

Cat-Eye Frames: 

From Manhattan style to chick-style, always in!

The traces of cat-eye glasses can be seen from the 1950s and still loved by all. Galorebay provides a vast variety of everyone’s favourite cat-eye frames. It gives a perfect look to people with round and oval shape faces.

Rim-Less Frames:

Thanks to rim-less frames for their invisible look and style. It goes well with all the face shapes and sizes. It can be considered a no-brainer choice for all the face shapes; you need not worry about these frames. You’ll just slay and look great.

But but but it requires a lot more care

These frames don’t have any solid structure attached to them. So be aware and keep a little extra care.

Half Rim-Less Frames:

Half-rim glasses are the ones that do not have a full rim structure around the lenses. These glasses only have a strong structure over the top of lenses. This even reduces the weight of the frame and gives a relaxing and comfortable vision. These frames are also known as “semi rim-less”.

Make sure you handle these  frames with care!

Go get your favourite frames from Glorebay Optix and elevate your personality. 

One-stop-shop to all your optical needs!

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