12 Mar 2021


These days, many people focus more on face shape before getting their perfect eye or optical frame. By knowing your face shape, you get access to the perfect eye frame that suits you and accelerates your look; a perfect eye frame is something that everyone wishes to get.

How to know your face type?

- Round faces

These faces have full cheeks, forehead, and chin.

-  Heart-shaped face

It is an upside-down triangle with a pointed and sharp chin along with a narrow forehead.

-Triangular faces

It is a face whose bottom part becomes relatively thin, accosting the appearance of a

triangle with a tip facing below,

- Square faces

These faces are strong, with wide foreheads and a fairly strong chin.

- Oblong and oval faces

These both are a bit round and are very similar, but the oblong face is sharp and pointed from the bottom.

Here’s our first-ever guide to make you aware of your perfect eye frame according to your face:

- For Round-Shaped Faces:

A round face is the same as a square face with soft edges. They generally got a circular shape that’s the same height and width, along with a curved jaw and rounded cheeks. People often get confused and think that they have a round face, but actually, it is different. People with such characteristics can use almost all types of frames. Generally, all kind of eye frames suits them like- round, rectangle, cat-eye, square, and clear Frames

- For Square-Shaped Faces:

Square shape faces have an angular as well as a strong feature that makes them distinct from other types of faces. Square faced individuals will want to get the opposite shape for frames such as:

- round glasses

- oval-shaped frames

You will want frames that are in symmetry to the length and width of your face. Round and oval-shaped frames will soften the hard angles in a square-shaped face and add balance. They also suit diamond-shaped faces. These give a distinct feature to your face and make you stand apart from the crowd.

- For Triangular-Shaped Faces:

Triangular faces are wide from the bottom and narrowest on top. A mix of round and angular geometrical frame shapes would perfectly fit triangular faces, it includes:

- D-frames

- aviator

- cat-eyes glasses

- For Heart-Shaped Faces:

Finding the right pair of eye frames for a rectangular face may be difficult but necessary. People with such faces got and amazing face time; one just needs to touch and feel high cheekbones, narrow bottom, and, most important

wide forehead. Experiment with oval, rectangular, square, and semi-rimless frames and give your heart a perfect look.

For Oblong and Oval Faces:

People with oval faces are good to go with major frame shapes. With a tapered forehead and chin, an oval is recognized as the universal face type. Individuals with such face type can have a party with the latest as well as trendy frames without any hassle. The most preferred eyeglasses frame for

oval or oblong faces are:

- square,

- rectangular or

- geometric shapes.

Get your hands on your perfect eye frame with us!

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