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Aluminium  Sunglasses & Frames

Pure aluminium is a premium material that is strong and hard. Magnesium is added to aluminium frames which makes them more strong and corrosion-free. Pure aluminium glasses have always been in trend no matter what. In 2020, it was one of the emerging trends; most people love aluminium glasses and aluminium eyewear.

Aluminium is an incredibly strong and lightweight material. This makes it perfect for making frames for sunglasses. The strength and lightweight make aluminium extremely durable as well as being long-lasting. Unfortunately, aluminium is also somewhat prone to corrosion after prolonged use. However, most aluminium frames feature some type of anti-corrosion lining to prevent this problem.

Unisex aluminium-framed glasses

Most aluminium-framed glasses are unisex (they're made for both men and women), but some specially designed ones are gender-specific. For example, there are some exceptionally stylish pairs available for the male facial shape called 'Alumawood.' These frames are specifically meant to create a masculine appearance. Thus they are often accompanied by a banded colour on the frame. The name "Alumawood" refers not to the colour of the frame but the patterned leather strap attached to the glasses.

Why aluminium-framed glasses?

All aluminium frame sunglasses tend to be less expensive than those made with other materials. They're also less bulky, so they won't take up as much space on your head. For many people, the added benefit of these frames is worth the price difference. They don't have the same degree of impact resistance as, for example, designer frames, but they're still incredibly durable and hard-wearing.

Many people like buying used aluminium frames. It's cheaper than buying a new pair of designer glasses, and you know that you're getting a good product. Just be sure to do a little research before making your purchase. Make sure you look at the size of the frame and the thickness of the aluminium. Thick aluminium is much more likely to shatter in case it comes into contact with something. You should also make sure that you've seen the aluminium frame before you buy it.

Gold and silver coated aluminium-framed glasses.

Some aluminium designer frames are coated in gold or silver. These coatings are great because they make the frames look shiny. However, the coating isn't completely foolproof. If you're planning on wearing the gold frame outside, it's best to go with the type that's not coated.

Of course, there are aluminium sunglasses that you can buy that won't look out of place in your wardrobe. You can also buy funky aluminium frame sunglasses if you're more inclined to experiment. Look for funky designs and funky colours. Most aluminium frame sunglasses will be black, white, or silver. Find a frame that you love and go with it. If you keep a pair of sunglasses with you everywhere, you'll always have them handy.

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