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Aviator Sunglasses

Aviators are a kind of glasses that give a different look. These are inspired by the aviation sector, preferred by both men and women all around the globe. Most celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood prefer wearing these glasses as it adds more style to their look.

These are simple and an amazing way to recreate your look. But getting the right pair of aviator glasses could be an arduous situation. Aviator glasses are so common with plenty of varieties, finding your perfect frame for all the situations could be a tedious task. 

Initially, aviator glasses were designed by Bausch & Lomb to protect the eyes of pilots from clouds and harmful UV rays of the sun. These don’t have gaps on the sides; thus, they protect the eyes from unwanted elements.

Keeping it short and simple, aviator glasses cover the whole human eye, and there are no gaps left for light to enter. Hence, keeping your eyes safe.

Buy Aviator Prescription Glasses Online

Aviator eyeglasses are a varied piece that is used to give a fresh look to your personality. Make a style statement with Galorebay Optix. Please browse through our website and choose the latest and trendy aviator frames for both men and women. We offer aviator eyeglasses from all the premium and luxury brands that make you shine.

You can compare and inspect various models at our online store and buy the best aviator eyewear according to your pocket.

Types Of Aviator Glasses

The best thing about aviator eyeglasses is that there are a lot of styles to choose from. You got metal frames, matte plastic frames, and in lenses, you got to pick from reflective and coloured lenses—there various kinds of colours, frames, and materials to choose from.

  • Metallic Aviator Glasses

You can wear metallic aviator glasses with any outfit and even with your favorite shirt or top. The metallic colors of these glasses match most with grey, navy blue, or black clothing. If you are wearing a suit with a blue or grey jacket, then go for the matching metal type of glasses that will go well with the color of your jacket. Wear the full-rimmed aviator style as this style has been the in thing since its inception. 

This is an aviator style with two rim bands instead of the usual one, and the lens is placed over the flat surface so that it does not move when you move your head. You also have the option of choosing from full-rimmed or half-rimmed metallic aviator glasses to match your look.

  • Semi Rimmed Aviator Eyeglasses

These metallic aviator glasses are very popular among both men and women, and there is no reason why you should not own one. They can easily be found at online stores and shopping malls, where they are sold in great variety. You have a wide choice to choose from metallic shades such as gunmetal and gold metallic shades. The choice is completely yours as these kinds of shades go well with almost all kinds of looks.

  • Full Rimmed Aviator Glasses

You can choose metallic aviator sunglasses for everyday use or special occasions. If you plan to make a style statement, then these metallic types of glasses are the best choice. You can get metallic shades that are both classy and trendy. If you want something more adventurous, you can opt for some of the animal designs available in metal types of glasses. Aviator metal glasses can complete your look, and you can team them up with almost anything. The styles and colours are also varied, making it easy for you to find the right pair that suits your personality and looks perfect on you. 

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