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Computer glasses

Long-working hours, meetings, projects, reading, screen, etc sets a stress that our eyes couldn't handle. We look at our notebook and monitor more than 12 hours a day, moreover many times we additionally read in low size may be due to preference or can be a condition as well. And there is just so much our eyes could take, due to following these things the calibre of eyesight slowly and steadily minimizes. There are special glasses that are designed for this purpose. These allow focusing in a better way. These glasses are generated to meet similar needs only.

These glasses include an anti glare coating that enhances vision, reduces stress on the eyes, and makes the world look more attractive. The anti glare coating eliminates reflections from both surfaces of your eyeglass lenses. Also sharpens the vision with limited glare while driving at night and gives a huge aid during prolonged digital and electronic use.

Just as you need sunglasses to protect your eyes from the injurious UV rays of the sun, it is also important to safeguard your eyes from the damaging effects of harmful blue light emitted by the electronic devices that are used regularly. The prominent way is to get computer glasses with premium-quality blue block or cut lenses. Galorebay is the perfect platform for you to get computer glasses.

These come for men, women, and now for kids as well. These are used to protect their eyes from an initial age only, it nurtures their vision and makes them clear and brighter. And does not cause vision problems in the long run.

We at Galorebay provide premium and high-tech quality computer glasses with anti glare coating and blue cut lenses for men, women, and kids. You can buy it online and experience hassle-free vision.

Types Of Computer Eyeglasses

  • Monofocal Computer Glasses

Monofocal glasses are designed for computer and related work. They provide the optimum vision correction required for the working distance between the digital screen and the eyes. This option allows you to look complete screen with the least head movements.

  • Bifocal Computer Glasses

Bifocal glasses are advised to set the upper part for the screen distance and a lower one for work that is more intimate to the screen. It requires more movement to view the whole screen.

  • Trifocal Computer Glasses

Trifocal glasses have lenses that combine far vision and near vision, along with the view at the screen distance. The intermediate segment allows one to have a better and clearer vision.

  • Progressive Addition Lenses (PAL)

Progressive Addition Lenses (PAL) provide complete continuity of vision by erasing lines between segments of multiple focal power. They are high-tech glasses that work for three prescriptions in a single pair of glasses



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