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We at Galorebay take care of all your optical needs and provide you with a huge range of premium quality optical frames for a comfortable and stylish vision. We offer optical glasses as well as sunglasses for men, women, and kids with an aim to make you look up to date.


Optical glasses and frames are something that every individual wants but these have come a long way. Earlier, it was only limited to better sight but now it also acts as a fashion accessory that boosts the look. There are various kinds of frames such as Rimmed Eyeglasses, Rimless Eyeglasses, Semi-Rimmed Eyeglasses, Aviator Eyeglasses, Rectangular Eyeglasses, Round Eyeglasses, Square Eyeglasses, Cat-Eye Glasses, and whatnot.

Computer Glasses:

We are aware of the fact that most people spend most of their time in front of digital screens and we aim to provide you a comfortable sight day and night while you are working in front of your laptop or any other device.

We at Galorebay provide you with modern quality computer glasses with the advantage of anti-glare coating and blue cut lenses. You just need to explore and choose your favorite glasses.


Many people use sunglasses not just for giving aid to their eyes from harmful UV rays and other critical matters, but also to boost up their looks and get astonishing personality. Sunglasses come in various shapes, sizes and materials. You just need to select your favorite and slay.

Kid Glasses:

Gone are the days when only adults needed frames to rectify or get aid for their vision-related problems. These days kids also go through sight problems. So, we at Galorebay Optix got a wide range of optical frames and glasses for the kids, just to provide them with a clear and bright sight along with a great style.